Integrating Mastodon and Libretranslate


We want to offer translations inside Mastodon using libretranslate as our backend.

What do I need to install?

Your need a working mastodon, we recommend this howto

Your need a working libretranslate, we recommend this howto

How to integrate them?

You need to add these two variables on the application.env file if you are following our mastodon howto.


Then restart it

cd /opt/mastodon/docker
docker-compose restart

After that you can check the logs

docker-compose logs -f|grep TranslationsController

Expected output with status code 200

website            | [01fa1ece-5ab3-411d-bd6b-4b5131096735] method=POST path=/api/v1/statuses/110658724777490930/translate format=html controller=Api::V1::Statuses::TranslationsController action=create status=200 duration=2988.25 view=0.77 db=2.32

Sometimes you can get a status code 503, yes, it will happen, it's not perfect but works well most of the time.

website            | [752a45c9-a94a-408a-8262-7b71cc1528e9] method=POST path=/api/v1/statuses/110658727361133356/translate format=html controller=Api::V1::Statuses::TranslationsController action=create status=503 duration=10117.47 view=0.49 db=2.19

Enjoy it!


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